Maksim Asenov

Courage in crisis

Your current crisis does not have to get the best of you. There is hope!

20+ famous leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists are thrilled with the value that they received!

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What is it all about?

Тurning the pressure into power

Bluprint for success in every crisis

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Who is Maksim? A happily married man, a father of two beautiful children, the Senior Pastor of the fastest growing church in Bulgaria, and the CEO of one of the largest and most successful executive coaching companies in Eastern Europe. But actually he is so much more.…

Born in the largest ghetto in the Balkans, without a father, and raised in a house without electricity and running water, he lived in a state of permenant crisis. Overcoming it, he has proven that you can successfully exchange a life of misery and instability for one of success and prosperity.

“I believe I can help you turn your toughest challenge into your greatest opportunity. It’s time to turn the page now!”

Maksim Asenov

Main Topics


Discover your “why” and define success for you

Anatomy of Success

Walk the path to transforming your inner power into outer beauty

The Feedback Loop of Life

Have you chosen your destiny, or has life chosen it for you?

Mastering the Art of Choice

You can’t choose your crisis, but you can choose how you respond

Faith, Action, Courage

Understand the fundamental principles success is built upon

Inner power

Tap into your inner strength and learn to harness the power of pressure

4 reason why you need Courage in crisis

"When you know the secret to using your toughest moments to your greatest advantage, you will be unstoppable and unbeatable in the game of life."
Are you ready?
“This is the major church! God loves Awakening Church and Bulgaria”

– Rodney Howard-Brown

Maksim is a generational leader and friend of Israel! Proud of everything he is doing in Bulgaria

– Samuel Smajda

“Maksim is the most powerful spiritual leader in Europe”

– Benny Hinn

“Maksim is part of a rare breed of leaders God is raising up across the world to challenge the stays quo and release the excellence lying dormant in people’s lives. Watch this space!”

– Ray Bevan

“What God is doing in Sofia is special! Such a genuine and amazing move of God and Maksim is a general of faith in this generation”

– Heidi Baker

“All outstanding people will tell you their success started when they made quality decisions. Maksim is definitely one that would help you do it and start winning in life!”

– Roberts Liadron

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