Maksim Asenov


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For as long as I can remember, crises have been a part of my life. I never knew my father. My grandmother – my greatest role model and source of inspiration died when I was just twelve. At thirteen my mother and I were on the run for over two years from her abusive ex-boyfriend. At fifteen, I was left to live alone in a house with no running water and electricity. 

Today, my life looks very different. I am a happily married man, a father of two beautiful children, the Lead Pastor of the fastest-growing church in Bulgaria, and the CEO of one of the nation’s largest and most successful executive coaching companies.

Maksim Asenov

“This is the major church! God loves Awakening Church and Bulgaria”

– Rodney Howard-Brown

Maksim is a generational leader and friend of Israel! Proud of everything he is doing in Bulgaria

– Samuel Smajda

“Maksim is the most powerful spiritual leader in Europe”

– Benny Hinn

“Maksim is part of a rare breed of leaders God is raising up across the world to challenge the stays quo and release the excellence lying dormant in people’s lives. Watch this space!”

– Ray Bevan

“What God is doing in Sofia is special! Such a genuine and amazing move of God and Maksim is a general of faith in this generation”

– Heidi Baker

“All outstanding people will tell you their success started when they made quality decisions. Maksim is definitely one that would help you do it and start winning in life!”

– Roberts Liadron

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